Is The Dried Apricots Healthy and Safe?

Is the dried apricot, which is at the beginning of the most satisfying and healthier snack snacks, really so healthy? What are the differences between the dark colored dried apricots called sunflower? Should we prefer dry apricot or day dry mu?

Dried apricots are actually two different varieties. Apricot in light yellow color like wet apricot is generally known as dried apricot. The apricot is dried by being treated with sulfur so that it can remain durable for a long time without deterioration, without any damage. In this way, the color of the apricot is preserved and the shelf life is extended. At the same time, the dried apricots are very fresh and smooth. However, these dried apricots, which are not obtained from natural sources, are not the same flavor as the sun dried ones.

The dark colored dry apricots, called sunflower, are dried apricot varieties which are dried by natural methods. Compared to the yellow dried apricots, they have a more pale appearance and can start to deteriorate in a short time. For this reason, it is recommended to store in the refrigerator for long time consumption. Apparently, the flavors are much more delicious, although they are not as attractive as the yellow-sulfur dried apricots. It should not be forgotten that even though sulfur dried apricots are allowed in the amount that does not pose a threat to health, the day-dry is much healthier.

The most important benefit of day care is that it protects against cancer, especially microbial diseases by strengthening the immunity thanks to the many vitamins and minerals it contains. Thanks to its calcium and iron structure, it is very effective in the treatment of bone diseases, anemia problems and dental diseases. In addition, due to its fibrous structure, it facilitates digestion and prevents constipation and swelling problems so dried apricot exporters are really needed.

It has gastric preservative, digestive regulator and kidney cleansing feature. It strengthens the heart muscles and protects against cardiovascular diseases and cardiovascular diseases. By providing the energy necessary for the body, it enables the brain to actively work, focus and protect the stres. It is also very effective against liver diseases. When consumed together with water, high fever helps to fall. Thanks to its rich vitamins, it is also a very useful food for eye health. Day course is also very effective in the treatment of itchy rashes on the skin. It is a food that can be consumed comfortably during pregnancy period with its positive effects on fertility.


In order to benefit from the benefits of dry apricot, we recommend you to choose the day-dried sunflowers.


Stay healthy.